X Audio Database (XAD)


XAD is a software for storing information about all the audio files that you have on your system. In essence it is a database where the list of audio files are stored. This database is operated upon using a GTK based interface. The interface provides the way to add files to the database, remove files from the database, search the database, etc. This interface also provides a way to play the audio files using XMMS as a player. The interface currently only supports .mp3 files and displays the files using the Title, Artist and Album information on the ID3 tags present in the .mp3 files. The goal of this project is to expand this to other types of audio files, such as Ogg, etc.

XAD is not a playlist or a replacement for XMMS' playlist. While it is true that it can interact with XMMS to get information about its playlist and to add/remove files into XMMS' playlist, XAD itself is just a database to store your files. This is especially useful when you have to search your collection of audio files for a certain file. The "Search" functionality of XAD provides you a way to search for files that match certain criteria. This "Search" functionality provides you a way to "create" a playlist based on whatever criteria is given.

The database currently is just a text file. This will change soon enough to some other database, such as MySQL or such to facilitate easier and better searches.

The interface is a "view" into the database. Although the idea of a view is not yet fully realized, it will be in the near future with the capability to provide multiple views into the database, using multiple windows that provide the same interface. Thus it would be possible to search for one set of files on one interface (creating one "view") and another set of files on another interface (creating another "view").


How to get it

Version 0.1 of XAD was released sometime during the night between May 5, 2003 and May 6, 2003. You can get this version from the project's summary site. To use this software, you need the following:


These are the future features that I can think of now. They are categorized into priorities. Within each priority the order is random.

High Priority

Medium Priority

Low Priority


This software is distributed under the BSD license. This means that you can redistribute this software in binary and source forms as long as certain information is put up in the appropriate places. Read the LICENSE file for more details. This product includes software developed by the University of California, Berkeley and its contributors.


This is how it looks from various angles. The 'tick' mark in the first column shows that the file is already in XMMS' playlist. This is a .png file. Hopefully all browsers support it by now.

How it looks. It displays various information about the database and the current view in the base of the window.
XAD - How it

The 'Find' feature can be used to locate files based on certain criteria. Note the 'tick' mark in the first column. Those are currently on XMMS' playlist.

These are the options for doing a 'Find'. 'Find' can be done using 'Artist', 'Album', 'Title', 'Filename' or 'All'.
XAD - Search options

The 'Database' menu. Can 'Add to database', 'Remove from database', '(Un)Select all in the current view', 'Show All' files in the database.
	  Database menu

The 'Info' menu. Can show information about the entire database or about a single file.
	  Info menu

The 'Player' menu. Interacts with XMMS. Can add to or clear from XMMS' playlist.
XAD - Player menu

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